How Can a Smartphone App Help Your School?

Tired of important school letters getting lost? Perhaps parents just don’t have the time to get through to the school reception. mySchoolApp is a game changer for all of these types of problems.

Forget the multiple mixed communications of emails, letters and texts, mySchoolApp brings all the information you could possibly need straight from your school to the most convenient device – a smartphone.

OFSTED regularly emphasises the importance of communication between schools and parents as a critical means of supporting the educational process and mySchoolApp provides exactly that, by organising information so it is accessible in one central place parents and teachers are on the same page and communication is a lot easier and more straightforward.

mySchoolApp allows parents to become more engaged with their children’s schooling, providing them access to their children’s school information more efficiently than ever – view photos, calendar dates, letters, policies and send absence notifications, all in the palm of your hand on a single app.

Whats more it’s completely FREE for parents to use and much more secure and reliable than school letters being left in the bottom of bags!

Need some more reasons to try this revolutionary app?

  • Free push messaging to parents.
  • Branded exclusively to your school.
  • Up to date calendar of events (and timings).
  • Ability to share announcements, calendar dates and events across social media.
  • Recent news updates, letters and school policies.
  • Report absences or manage absences in advance for doctor or dentist appointments etc.
  • 70+ Language translations.
  • FREE for parents to download.

To learn more about mySchoolApp and how it can work with your school website, just contact us for a free consultation.

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