mySchoolApp - a smartphone app for parents

If you’re currently spending money on text messages, or you think your parent communication could be improved, then mySchoolApp can help.

mySchoolApp is a smartphone app that’s FREE for parents to download and allows them to keep updated with everything they need to know about their child’s school from the phone in their hand. 

Transform your school communication

Communication is key today. We all have busy lives, so providing parents and carers with instant access to school information on the device they’re using everyday is now the best way to engage them.

In many instances, this can also benefit students, staff, governors and other stakeholders

Save money on text messaging

mySchoolApp uses in-app push messaging so there’s no need for clunky text messages any more. In fact, 60% of mySchoolApp customers have already reduced their spend on text messaging.

Add to this the savings made by reducing paper based messaging and you’ll see mySchoolApp can be key to the way you engage with parents now and in the future.

mySchoolApp also includes other great features to manage your school communication, and works seamlessly with our school websites to form a powerful school communication system.

If you’d like some more information about how mySchoolApp could help your school, we’d love to hear from you!

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mySchoolApp features include:

Push Messaging

mySchoolApp uses push messaging, so you can say goodbye to big text messaging bills!


Providing easy access to the school calendar means children are better prepared and fewer calls to the school office.

School News

Update your school news as it happens so it’s available to read on parents’ phones straight away.

Absence Reporting

Save time in the school office when parents notify you of their child’s absence via the app.


Engage with EAL parents, without creating any additional work for school staff using the translation option.

Branded to your School

We'll set up your school on mySchoolApp with your logo and colours when you sign up for a free trial.

Free for Parents & Carers

mySchoolApp is totally FREE for parents & carers to download and is available on both iPhone & Android.

Works with your Website

mySchoolApp can automatically add news and events from your website straight to the app.

Straightforward Pricing

Branded to your school for under £30 per month, and always FREE for parents.

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