The Chiltern School

What we did: Strategy & Planning, Design, Mobile Friendly Website, WordPress
The Chiltern School are an area special school split across two campuses in Dunstable & Houghton Regis.

The Problem

After bringing in a new head teacher the Chiltern School were going through a period of change. The new leadership team needed to communicate the changes and new ethos and ideas in the school and connect more effectively with the outside world.

The Chiltern School’s existing website was very outdated and wasn’t working for them. This was in large part because the website did not reflect the new values and ideas which had been introduced by the new head.

Our Approach

As in all of our projects, we started by really getting to know more about the Chiltern School – finding out about the students and staff and what makes the school different to other schools. What do they do differently than anyone else? What sets them apart?

We then researched other similar schools and their websites before putting together a site map and digital strategy for the new site.

The next step was developing a content plan, before moving on to designing the interface for the new site and building the designs into an easy to manage school website powered by WordPress.

The Result

The new site is bright, modern and easy to navigate and the school’s values around diversity and celebrating difference really shine through.

It’s also easy for school staff to update the site with new information which means everything stays up to date and relevant, a win win for parents and the school!

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