Gill Blowers Nursery School

What we did: Strategy & Planning, Design, Mobile Friendly Website, WordPress
Gill Blowers Nursery School is a split site nursery school based in two locations in Luton, both at the bottom of tower blocks.

The Problem

Gill Blowers Nursery School contacted us because they had an old school website which wasn’t up to scratch. The old site was a low cost template site from an online provider which the school found almost impossible to edit and keep up to date.

They needed a new website which showed their school in it’s best light and was easy for parents to use and staff to update.

Our Approach

As always, we started by really getting to know Gill Blowers Nursery School and what makes them different. This then allowed us to create a site design with a strong visual identity including an updated logo and colour scheme which really communicates their vision & values.

The Result

The new site has re-invigorated Gill Blowers’s online presence and made it much easier for staff and parents alike to use and update the website.

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